Illegal lobbying by former Obama aide David Plouffe

David Plouffe, then Uber’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Strategy (formerly campaign manager for President Barack Obama) lobbied Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as to requirements for Uber’s operation in that city — but failed to register as a lobbyist as required by law until 90 business days later. In February 2017, Plouffe was fined $90,000 for the violation.

Guided by Plouffe, Emanuel advocated the policies that Uber favored. The Chicago Tribune explains: “When aldermen [Chicago legislators] pushing for the stronger rules, which included fingerprinting drivers, tried to use a parliamentary maneuver to delay the action, Emanuel threatened to adjourn the City Council meeting. In the end, the watered-down version Emanuel preferred remained intact.”

Plouffe’s email discussions with Emanuel were uncovered as part of a lawsuit as to Emanuel’s use of a personal email account to conduct government business.  In settling that lawsuit, Emanuel turned over about 2,700 pages of government-related emails from his personal account.   Plouffe’s email to Emanuel is dated November 20, 2015 – pages 127-129 in this archive.