3,000 cases in Miami against Uber drivers, totaling $3.2 million

The Miami Herald reports that Uber drivers have received more than 3,000 tickets and similar citations, totaling $3.2 million. One proposal would waive $1.4 million of that, though critics questioned why the fines should be reduced.

Police have also impounded at least 20 cars from Uber drivers.

Commissioner Dennis Moss said Uber “made a conscious decision to violate the rules” and should therefore pay the full penalty. Other critics noted Uber’s guidance to drivers about how to avoid getting caught by police.

City managers told drivers to disguise themselves to avoid enforcement by MIA airport police

In response to enforcement by airport police at Miami International Airport, Uber’s Miami city managers advised drivers to conceal themselves from airport police:

This is an important message from Uber Miami for our valued partners in South Florida about serving South Florida airports, including Miami International Airport. There have been some instances of partners receiving tickets for picking up or dropping off Uber riders at the airport.
While we continue our discussions with authorities on ways to develop a long-term solution, here are a few things you can do to make the pickup and drop off experience more enjoyable for both you and the rider:
– Keep your Uber phone off your windshield – put it down in your cupholder
– Ask the rider if they would sit up front
– Use the lanes farthest from the terminal curbside for pickup and drop off